Contributions to the History of Railways and Locomotives

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The Locomotive Database

On this side you have access to my locomotive database, which contains information on all German steam locomotives, electric locomotives and diesel locomotives and all electric and diesel railcars. You will receive the requested information after typing the locomotive number in the field in front of the "search" button.

For each requested locomotive the locomotive manufacturer, the year of building and the "life" of the locomotive including the renumberings, hand-overs, withdrawals etc. Not contained are information on the depots where the locomotives stayed. All used abbreviations are collected on an extra page.

It is possible to use all locomotive numbers since the introduction of the DRB number scheme in 1925 up to today. Some examples of possible numbers are "E44 089", "144 089", "V188 001", "103 001", "103 901". (Note: There must not be a space between the "E" resp. the "V" and the class number, while there must be a space between the class number and the running number.)

The name "locomotive database" already indicates, that the idea was to collect historical information. Therefore it can happen that some newer information (typically from the last year) are still missing in the database.

Please note that the data in the database are in German language (translation wasn't possible due to the huge amount of information). But as the supplied information contain only few "real" sentences this shouldn't be a problem for the English speaking user.

If you should find wrong information in the database please send me a mail (including information on the source of your data).