Contributions to the History of Railways and Locomotives

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Documents and Abstracts

There are existing a lot of publications on locomotive history, but quite often you have to be cautious on the contents of these books as the source of the information is unknown. That doesn't mean that people wilfully publish wrong data, but as one is quite often copying from another one, it is quite logical that new mistakes appear. Assume that only the word "maybe" is left out from a source - and within a second someone made a "fact" out of an assumption.

So for serious research it is necessary to have as many official documents as possible available, which can be used as basis for the research. Therefore please find below some scanned in documents which can be downloaded. For contributions from the readers the author would be very greatful.

Furthermore I intend to publish some abstracts on single aspects of locomotive history on this page (e.g. on "UROs" - the "Unidentified Railway Objects"). Also for this part I would be happy to receive some contributions.