Contributions to the History of Railways and Locomotives

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The "Osthannoverschen Eisenbahnen"

Note: These pages on the OHE were created, when the book "Vom Kleinbahnnetz zu den Osthannoverschen Eisenbahnen" was published. After the appearance of the significantly more extensive new edition "Die Osthannoverschen Eisenbahnen" in 2010, in principle these pages became obsolete. But as they contain the one or othert picture that isn't contained in the new book, I decided to keep these pages - but without any adaptation to the new book.

In 1997 the book "Vom Kleinbahnnetz zu den Osthannoverschen Eisenbahnen" (="From a network of light railways to largest German private railway - it's name can be translated as "the railways in the earea situated east to Hannover") was published. Not all of the material available could be included in the book due to the limited available space. To prevent that these information get lost they shall be presented on this webpage.

The description of the OHE rolling stock is already quite extensive in the book, but nevertheless a lot of photos of not very well known material wasn't published. This shall be made up leeway in the online chapter

Also the usage of non OHE stock on the OHE rails and vice versa the rides of OHE locomotives on other railways wasn't described very detailled. Therefore two new online chapters are added to the book: