Contributions to the History of Railways and Locomotives

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Long journeys - OHE locomotives far away from home

Sometimes you can also see OHE locomotives on the DB network. The following pictures will try to give an impression, how different the work of OHE locomotives on foreign has been an still is.

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Special Trains (carrying passengers) on DB lines:

Special train of the locomotive manufacturer KHD
With a GDT to the railway Gittelde-Bad Grund which was run by the OHE
Special train with VT0508 between Celle and Wolfsburg
Visiting the Kali+Salz industrial railway in Wathlingen

Carrying freight trains on DB lines

150 003 in Ebstorf
160 073 in Schwarmstedt
200 091 in Moeringen
200 096 near Hoheneggelsen
200 097 near Otze
330 090 in Giengen an der Brenz
330 092 in Herbrechtingen-Giengen

Usage of OHE locomotives during the construction of railways

120 072 in Fallersleben
120 072 in Vorsfelde
160 074 in Sülfeld

Transfer of sold vehicles

Meeting the DB class 601 in Munich
Passing the "Brennero"
800 012 in Innsbruck
Continuation of the ride with a Italian electric locomotive
Transfer of the GDT back from Italy. After the arrival in Celle ...
... they were brought to Lüneburg using the OHE network.
200 092 was sold to Bad Orb.

Usage of sold vehicles

VGH 60 021 ex OHE 60 021
TA 0344 at the Sanatorium Bokeloh
The TA 0326 became WBHE 77204